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A warm welcome – Different than usual but not less sincere!

The safety, health and well-being of our guests and our staff members is our all-time priority.
And we are glad to cooperate with you to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Wear a facial mask!
Please cover mouth and nose on all hotel premises!
  • Keep distance!
To save yourself and our staff, we provide you with desinfected keycards, pencils and other items from behind plexiglas. See the distance marks in our lobby and all public areas of the hotel in case of .
  • Desinfect your hands!
In the lobby and in the restaurant, you will find several desinfection dispensers. Please desinfect your hands when entering the hotel, enteringthe restaurant and for your convenient.
  • Use of elevator!
Please use our lift only SEPARATELY! Of course, you can treat yourself to a little Fitness-Workout and use our staircase.
  • Breakfast!
Our breakfast is served on the Buffet, depending on the amount of guests also in different rooms. Air purification is provided by our PURE STERIBASE 450 airfilter maschine and by repeated window ventilation.
Please feel free to use room service, we deliver your breakfast order in front of your room and will also fetch it from there.
  • Dinner!
Our Restaurant is open daily from 3:00 - 10:00 p.m. Our beautyful summer garden invites you to linger.
  • Housekeeping service!
Should you stay longer than 3 days with us, your room will be serviced, desinfected and you get fresh towels on the third day.
Due to surface desinfections, we had to remove some decorations, informationbroschures, decorative cushions etc.
  • Desinfection in public guest areas!
We do our our cleaning -and desinfection routines more often, and especially light switchs, elevator buttons, door handles and other surfaces will be desinfected repeatedly.
  • Cash – does it have to be?
Please be aware that we accept a number of non-cash payments
  • Credit card or electronic cash
  • Assumption of costs.